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                                  *Some Patients  Mentioned Below*

Description: 942866_1059971870733160_5746181210268733851_n - Copy.jpg(1) OM SAI RAM
जिसमे याद ना आए वो तन्हाई किस काम की,
बिगड़े रिश्ते ना बने तो खुदाई किस काम की,
बेशक इंसान को ऊंचाई तक जाना है,
पर जहाँ से अपने ना दिखें वो उँचाई किस काम की।
She is beleaguered women, found wondering on Roads ,with lots of injustice done to her by family members and outsiders. she sheltered by Mauli seva Pratisthan(trust), Nandgaon in Dist Ahmednagar.Peoples say she is mentally challenged , we say she is mentally healed by SAI. Approached to us for maternity care,delivered yesterday giving sweet angel.(picture Below)

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हर् स्कूल में लिखा होता है, " "असूल " तोडना मना है.....!! हर बाग में लिखा होता है , "फूल " तोडना मना है ..!!हर खेल मैं लिखा होता है , "रूल " तोडना मना है ..!! .काश..!! .रिश्ते,परिवार ,दोस्ती मैं भी लिखा होता की ..,कैन्सर मरिज का " साथ " छोङना मना है
His name is Satish Gaikwad , age 2years ,Resident of Ahmednagar .he was when 1.5 years of old when Diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia-a blood cancer . Repeated chemotherapies and Blood transfusions lead him and his family economically weak and financial crisis in family, relatives,friends also went away from family.his father approached us in january 2016.His father is contract labour daily earning 200 Rs a day.we started him on Combination chemotherapy Tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy with imatinib mesylate, also Supportive care including antibiotics and red blood cell and platelet transfusions , all this improved general condition of patient . thanks to the expert care given to him from experienced and knowledgeable doctors of Dr Mane Medical Foundation Rahuri, he is able to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.Thanking all Trustees,Patrons,Doctors,staff for kind initiative to provide treatment to said boy.(picture below)

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मेरा मरना तो तय है। परंतु आपका योगदान मुझे कुच्छ पलोकी, कुच्छ दिनोकी, जादासेजादा दो सालोकीं सासे दे सकता है।

अगर उस विधाताने आपको इंसानियत के लिए चुना है तो मै क्यु बनु आपके राह की रूकावट।

Mrs. SIMRAN HEMEANT CHADDA, 42 years old female resident of Shirdi, has been diagnosed case of cancer – cervix stage IIB. She has fortunately turned up for treatment at Dr. Mane medical foundation, Rahuri.

She got admitted on 31st December 2015 at the hospital with critical hypotension, Dr. Mane and team managed to stabilize her. She is in cervical cancer stage III.

Sureity of her survival is few months or maximum 2 years, but all sorts of drug will have to be used to save her. On 1st January 2016 they have removed water collected in abdomen due to cancer.

Husband’s monthly income is Rs 3500 only as he work as daily wages labour in market. Family got 2 Children. Son is in 5th standard & elder daughter is in 10th standard. Cervical ascetic tapping & treatment can be easily done at the hospital. She needs concurrent radiotherapy & chemotherapy.

Patient is not covered under “Rajeev Gandhi Jeewandai Arogya Yojana” for Cancer treatment and patient’s condition is very poor. The expected cost of treatment including cost of medicines is Rs 90K but Dr. Mane has waived off Hospital charges and need Rs. 50K for medicine. Dr. Mane has already evaluated the case and has started the  she is stable ,doing well.(picture below)

Description: 12439063_563698137136893_3141727679691089938_n.jpg

Description: DSCN0003.JPG

(4)"किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो निसार
किसी का दर्द मिल सके तो, ले उधार
किसी के वास्ते हो तेरे दिल में प्यार, जीना इसी का नाम है"

"Her name is Komal Dilip Shelar , age 4 years ,Resident of Digras Tal Rahuri Dist Ahmednagar.He was born with thalassemia, a blood disorder which requires transfusions every other week to keep her healthy and alive. When she get transfused, the whole process takes seven or eight hours, which means she has to do a lot of "working around" to fit it in her schedule. Also, on transfusion days, she has been given several pre-meds which cause her to become very drowsy and keep me from eating properly or functioning for basically an entire day. There are a lot of complications associated with thalassemia, especially transfusion-related iron overload which requires a daily drug treatment, and sometimes it can be scary knowing that excess iron will damage her heart and liver if she can't get it out. But thanks to the expert care given to her from experienced and knowledgeable doctors of Dr Mane Medical Foundation Rahuri, she is able to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.
Her father Mr Dilip Shelar daily wage worker earning 300 Rs a day under the contractor of Paints(coloring work).Thanking all Trustees,Patrons,Doctors,staff for kind initiative to provide treatment to said girl.

Description: IMG_0284.JPG(5) OM SAI RAM

 This   man Shri Shankar Chincholkar was working as a boiler attendent and taking care of his family. But unfortunately he got cancer due to one bad habit of Tobacco chewing . Son now is doing Diploma in mechanical engineering.


He spent lacs of rupees and today he got loan of Rs. 5 lac+ & he lost his job due to said Cancer. After Chemotherapy treatment for so many times cancer reoccured and now since last 3 month he is under treatment with Dr. Mane medical  foundation. Patient travel all the way from Nagpur to Rahuri.


Dr. Mane started treatment with chemotherapy by tablet. But said patient don't got money to purchase 3 months tablet also hence Dr. Mane referred him to Shivprabha and we eventually spoke to Unmesh at UK and he immediately confirmed help. On 17.02.2016 Dr. Mane handed over Rs. 8000 for 3 month tablet to Shri. Chincholkar.


Thanks to Dr. Mane, Unmesh and best wishes to Chincholkar family. This is why Dr. Mane fighting war against Cancer. Let's join him for Cancer free India. Regards Dr Mane medical foundation and Research Center.


Description: 12717699_1061067203956960_9054235485682639031_n (2).jpg

जिंदगी में दो लोगों का ख्याल रखना बहुत जरूरी है
पिता जिसने तुम्हारी जीत के लिए सब कुछ हारा हो !
माँ जिसको तुमने हर दुःख में पुकारा हो !
Shivaji Gaikwad, 68 years old a Widower and a Father is feeling the pinch of his children deserting him
He is a Patient of Hypertension and Diabetes.
He retired as a clerk at the Vidyapeeth 
His two sons who have deserted him have migrated to Mumbai.
The Patient himself has half acre non irrigated land, without any yield for the past 3 years.

He unfortunately had a fall at home.
He was admitted for 4 days in civil hospital Ahmednagar . but no one paid attention to he deliberately taken discharge from hospital.
He was admitted in Dr Girgune hospital at Rahuri. 
He has fractured both his lower limbs.

Since Dr Girgune associated with Dr Mane medical foundation , the total Expenditure for this surgery and medicine. has been subsidised to Rs.40,000.

Thanking  all donars for kind help for shivaji gaikwad,closing fund raiser today for the patient.Thanking Dr sonali mane,Mr Amol sainwar,Mr Shishir mandya, treesha mam,Prafulla mukkawar,Pravin bagul,Rudranmurthy prabhu,vaibhav kodmalwar,minakshi samant mam,venkat raman sir,Dhanashri datir,rakeshji juneja  for contributing for surgery of shivaji gaikwad patient.

today handed over cheque to said family,No sickness can keep you down with all the prayers we offer for your recovery. Rise up and be strong! we are their with you forever......

Description: C:\Users\sai\Desktop\13006493_1102914059772274_4359580214150641120_n.jpgDescription: C:\Users\sai\Desktop\12990939_1102914133105600_9115005287846192152_n (1).jpg


ना जाने कौन सी बात आखरी होगी,
ना जाने कौन सी रात आखरी होगी,
करनी हैं तो कर लो जी भरकर बाते,
ना जाने हमारी कौन सी सास आखरी होगी

She is terminal stage IV Lung Disease,An farmer woman in her mid-40s recently in touch with us. we suggested chemo as an option, but it wouldn't cure her cancer. It would only prolong her life a few months with chemo side effects.
we whole team prayed for a solution to her dilemma. She was shocked because she never smoked tobacco her whole life, and now she was scheduled to die with lung cancer in a few months.
But she is doing well with our cancer team efforts,Thanking all trustees,Patron,Doctor's for due care...


Description: C:\Users\sai\Desktop\13055858_1107276539336026_7889774940455671285_o.jpg

वो जिसकी याद मे हमने खर्च दी जिन्दगी अपनी।
वो शख्श आज मुझको गरीब कह के चला गया ।।
words uttered by 45 year old,he is fragile, He is emanciated.he is residennt of Brahmni village Tal Rahuri.he and his younger brother only two person's were in family.wife died 4 years back.he raised his younger brother and made his education, marriage.after marriage younger brother left him,sought good job in kolhapur.He approaced to us two days back with chest pain &cough breathlesness...our team stabilized him after two days of intensive treatment. he is suffering from Fibrosis of lung.we treated him with antibiotics and antituberculous treatemnt.he is discharged today with oral medicine.thanks managing team,trustees,patrons for supporting him.special thanks to sai devotee swati mam-suresh medical agency Indore(Madhya pradesh) for contribution in terms of medicine.

Description: IMG_1311.JPG


जब मुल्ला को मस्जिद में राम नजर आए,
जब पंडित को मंदिर में रहमान नजर आए,
सुरत ही बदल जाए इस दुनिया की गर
इंसान को इंसान में इंसान नजर आए….

She is very poor,alone, presented with excessive bleeding during menses,HB:5.2 gm%.came to us in severe hypotension and collaped , we resuscitated her with six bags PCV,FFP s now she is stable, she underwent  Hysterectomy in view of DUB. When she got married she discovered her husband had 2 other wives and they were all living in extreme poverty. So she decided to return to her village to eke out a living working at the local brickworks where she earned around 30 Rs per day..Thanking  Being human salman khan foundation & sai devotee-swati mam for completing her treatment.Thanks all trustees,Patrons of Dr Mane medical foundation for giving her hope.

Description: IMG_1362.JPG

ओम साई राम

अपनी तो जिंदगी है अजीब कहानी है, जिस चीज की चाह है, वो ही बेगानी है , हसते भी है दुनिया को हसाने के लिए, वरना दुनिया ड़ूब जाए इन आँखों में इतना पानी हैं . She is very fragile, pale,poor, tribal lady emancipated with sever pain in abdomen came to us today morning with obstructed labour(baby impacted in birth passage).she has been kept for 12 hours but she didn't delivered their. Ultimately she has been referred to us at 7am today. Our managing team immediately acted, succeded to deliver -baby boy.she was stabilized when we give 3 blood transfusions and some emergency drugs . Newborn is in serious condition at ICU .paediatricians are struggling and praying to save baby's life.All the best Berde family, get well soon . Thanks all team, trustees for giving her new hope.Sai baba will bless child.


Description: C:\Users\sai\Desktop\13754500_1169837053079974_3271544266631173483_n.jpg

A 15 year old unmarried girl Miss. Sonali Kolpe from Kolpewadi village (25 Km from Rahuri), came with enlarged abdomen to Dr. Mane’s OPD. She seemed to be 8 months pregnant. Dr. Mane examined her and found that she had ovarian tumor of 30 cms by 30 cms approximately. He was really angry on the father and asked him the reason for the delay in her treatment. On this the father told with tears in his eyes that he could not afford the cost of the operation. He had been to various hospitals of Pune and Ahmednagar district since past 4 months. Every hospital demanded Rs. 50000 to Rs.1 lakh to treat her. The father told further that they were very poor. Earning a meal twice a day for his family was difficult for him then how could he bare this expense.

Description: C:\Users\mane\Downloads\tumour removed3.jpg

Above pictures shows tumour removed from Miss XYZ  abdomen

“I was shocked to hear this. I investigated her and operated her free of cost at my hospital. It was 5 Kg’s ovarian tumor. Malignant malignancy of ovary was found on pathological examination. I fail to understand how doctors can be so blind towards the pain of a patient? After all we are not money making machines, we are not trained to earn money; we doctors are trained to treat a wound!!”

Dr. Mane

Description: C:\Users\mane\Downloads\11187175_908966105833738_6740375167669581451_o.jpg

Mrs. Baby Salve (patient of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a tumor of lymphoid tissue) thanking Dr.Mane and staff after her free treatment.