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  • Unusual case of Fibroid JOGI(journal of Ob-Gy of India) 2010
  • Rare case of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in pregnancy BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Metastatic choriocarcinoma of lung BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Acute cortical blindness in severe preeclampsia BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Rare case of sertoli cell tumour presenting as secondary Amenorrhea & hirsutism
  • Tuberculosis in pregnancy –difficult dilemma BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Effect of membrane sweeping on labour induction interval BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2009
  • Rare case of secondary abdominal pregnancy BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Found and lost Department of family planning BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Rising trend of ectopic pregnancy after indiscriminate use of levonorgestrol pills as emergency contraception FIGO 2010 Journals
  • Abdominal pain in a posthysterectomy patient ; Diagnostic Dilemma Tropical Doctor 2010
  • Epidural labour analgesia-efficacy and foetomaternal outcome BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2008
  • Uterine graveyard as cause of secondary infertility BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2010
  • Rare case of bilateral tubal ectopic pregnancy BHT (Bombay Hospital Journal) 2011
  • Rare case of fallopian tube carcinoma presented as lump in abdomen FIGO 2010
  • Rare case of actinomycotic abcess involving right fallopian tube NIMA 2009
  • Two rare cases of granulosa cell tumour NIMA 2010
  • Cesarean delivery on maternal request(CDMR);ethical dilemma BHT 2010
  • Prophylactic Oophorectomy – difficult dilemma NIMA 2010
  • Newer topical haemostatic agents and their effectiveness NIMA 2011

Papers presented at various national and international conference

  • Endoscopic management of ectopics –difficult dilemma AMOGS 2008( All Maharashtra Ob-Gy Society)
  • Incidence of sertoli cell tumours in KEM hospital and World wide. AMOGS2009,Aurangabad
  • Cervical encirclage and take home baby rate MOGS 2009 (Mumbai Ob-Gy society)
  • Monochorinic Monoamniotic twins –difficult dilemma Seven-Hills conference 2010, Mumbai