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Saidham Hospice

Patients, in an advanced stage of cancer, are provided free palliative and continuing care Rahuri:

People suffering from advanced stages of cancer have to endure a lot of pain, misery and stress, even after knowing that death is certain. And during these days, patient's care cannot be managed at home.
Our main goal is to provide peace and dignity at the end of life. We control the symptoms and make the patient realise the facts and the situation he or she has to face,” says

-Dr Swapnil Mane.

“Since its inception, the team has touched the lives of hundreds of people, helping patients who are in need of psychological, physical, social and moral support. I sincerely appreciate the hard work of all the staff who step forward to help here. The mission is to lend a helping hand for advanced cancer patients to be comfortable, peaceful and free of pain till their last breath."

-Dr . Swapnil Mane

The hospice' efforts continues to offer all round intensive care, to ensure quality of life.It provides thoughtful touches and compassionate care, where in-patients are provided absolute concern, accommodation, nursing, food and medicines, all free of charge.

Nurse Mrs Suman jadhav, who has been with this organisation for five years now, explains, “Everyday, we come across patients with serious complications, yet we try to help them by giving proper medication and counselling and also ascertain what the patient has in mind like financial problems or something which is related to their family. Apart from that, spiritual help is also provided."