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Saidham Hospital

President’s Message

I welcome you to the site of Saidham Hospital; we offer state of the art cancer treatment services which are available for patients round the clock 365 days a year. We have built up a team of trained experts who manage and handle various cancer complications which arise. Our vision and goal is to achieve the best treatment for every patient at all times in various areas at affordable fees.
We work towards achieving a collective treatment cycle for patients who includes various types of therapies like chemotherapy and various other therapy types. Saidham Cancer Hospital is poised to become a major force to reckon with for all types of cancer treatment not only In Rahuri but also across the state of Maharashtra.
We have our vision set on achieving the highest standards of cancer treatment for all types of patients. We had very humble beginnings which has made us humble and helped us achieve the greatest heights in every type of cancer treatment method which is present in the world today. By keeping our prime focus on the enhancement of technology and medical skill, I take personal interest in ensuring that every one of our staff. We hope you enjoy the visit to our website and we welcome you to explore our hospital and its facilities. Wishing you a rapid recovery and quick healing.



Cancer Awareness, Cancer treatment, prevention of cancer, early detection and Treatment of cancer patients, Free Medical consultation, Medical support for poor cancer patients.

Activities of NGO during 2011-2015

1. Free cancer checkup and medicine distribution camps at 52 villages of Maharashtra-India) under community based cancer project
2. Adopted two remote village ( Mhaisgaon, Tahrabad) for this community based cervical cancer project and made them free of cervical cancer In 2 years.
3. Operated 750 patients free of cost under community based cancer project.
4. Cancer Awareness Sessions.
5. Free cancer checkup and medicine distribution camps at 70 villages of Ahmednagar District.

The Project objectives:

  • Establishment and running hospital in rural area, exclusively for cancer patients.
  • Conduct free medical camps in rural areas of Ahmednagar district and mobilize poor &needy patients for free surgeries at Rural hospital.
  • Increa se the use of health services by so-called hard-to-reach women in those communities
  • To reduce the numbers of women who, after learning of their abnormal Papanicolaou test(PAP) results, do not return for follow-up.
  • To increase sensitivities toward the problem of cancer and to encourage participation in such a project among health care providers at the health center.

Location Of Project

Rahuri BK,Tal: Rahuri (Ahmednagar District-Maharashtra).

Doctor Team:

Full/part time
1 Full time Dr.Swapnil M. Mane Gynaec. Oncosurgeon MBBS,DGO,FCPS,DNB.MD
2 Full time Dr.Pratap Girgune Orthopaedic surgeoun MBBS,MS
3 Full time Dr.Pravin Korade Onco-Physician MBBS,MD
4 Full time Dr.Sandeep Nale Anaesthesiologist and intensivist MBBS,MD
5 Full time Dr.Mahesh Kadam opthalmologist MBBS,DOMS
6 Full time Dr.Anant Shekokar General surgeoun BAMS,MS
7 Full time Dr.Ramesh Rajguru Physician and surgeoun BAMS